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Fredericksburg Lawyer Vincent J. Ventura

Vincent J. Ventura

Fredericksburg Lawyer Vince Ventura was born and raised in the area and attended Courtland H.S.  He always had an interest in government and a knack for making compelling arguments.  But he loved the stage and thought seriously about a career in the entertainment world—acting or maybe sports broadcasting on the radio.  Instead, he returned his focus to government, graduated from the University of Virginia and moved to Birmingham, Alabama for a full scholarship at Cumberland School of Law.  Serving the people in his hometown everyday brings constant assurance he made the right decision.  As a legal counselor, Vince is there to listen and help his clients both in and out of the courtroom.  Whether he as a Stafford lawyer is defending someone who made a bad error in judgment and is looking for a second chance, or working with someone through the pain and complexities of ending a relationship, Mr. Ventura is proud to help his neighbors through these difficult periods. "The job may be emotional and stressful at times, but the payoff comes when I literally see the weight lifted off their shoulders."

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