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V. James Ventura

Jay Ventura never thought about becoming a Fredericksburg lawyer as his lifetime profession growing up. After graduating from James Monroe H.S., he studied psychology at the University of Virginia and served a short time in the Navy.  It was not until he returned home to Fredericksburg and worked as a juvenile probation officer in Spotsylvania and King George counties that Jay considered law school. He travelled to Birmingham, Alabama to earn his degree from the Cumberland School of Law and came back to Fredericksburg to serve his community. Through experience, Jay knows the law can be very technical; it is easy to get wrapped up in the mechanics. But his ability to recognize and apply human nature to the law allows him to successfully help his clients in the courtroom. "I like to take the uniqueness of each individual and mold that into the defense of the case."

Mr. Ventura has been very active in this community.  Some of his involvement includes: